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Our Story & FAQ

We like to share our stories and frequently asked questions so if you're looking for a bin rental service in Brampton you can see below some of the questions which we have previously been asked and you can see our answers. The information below is updated regularly as we gain more customers and are asked questions which are unique to our Brampton bin rental service.

Q. What does bin There Dump That do with all the trash that we dispose of in the bins?

A. Once you have finished with our Brampton bin rental service one of drivers will return to pick up the bin rental and haul the bin off to the landfill. Once the bin arrives at the landfill the bin is then dumped and the workers at the landfill eventually go through and sort the garbage putting the garbage where it's supposed to go and recycling what should be recycled.

Q. We live in Brampton but we have an investment home in Mississauga which we are doing basement renovation. Do you guys deliver your bin rental services to Mississauga?

A. Yes we will be able to provide our bin rental services where you require it. The owner of the Brampton Bin There Dump That Franchise is also the same owner of the Mississauga franchise. Bin There Dump That has franchises all across Canada and the U.S. so we can accommodate or bin rental services in most areas even if we don't actually have a franchise in that city.

Q. I'm going to need your bin rental service on Sunday as that is the day I'm going to be doing my cleaning. Do you deliver on Sunday?

A. Our Brampton bin rental service is closed on Sundays so we can either deliver the bin on Friday or Saturday and we don't charge you for any extra days.


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